Omi is a free online dating app based out of Los Angeles and San Francisco, California on your mobile application (either iOS or Android/Google phones) that allows friends and family members to be a matchmaker. They match you through the app by using their contacts list. If you both agree to the date, the matchmaker will help pay (aka fund) the fun night out! Some friends and family members just need a push and the money you send will be the little bit of incentive they need to finally go on some fun dates! This is the best dating app for relationships because the matchmaker will hold both dates/parties accountable. Omi is similar to tinder, bumble, or hinge except for the fact that there is a matchmaker (your friend or family member) that gets involved.

dating app discover page to find friends and family matches

Give a date or get a date with the Omi dating app!

Grandma, auntie, and even your best friend can all play matchmaker through the Omi dating app. If both your match and you accept, your matchmaker will help fund the night out.

omi account screen to edit profile and set preferences


Add a great picture and edit info to woo the family & friends of a potential date

sent love screen which allows you to see who you have matched and the amount you've sent

Sent Love

See all the love you’ve sent family & friends and check your amazing matchmaking skills

See all the love you’ve sent family & friends and check your amazing matchmaking skills

discover matches for your friends and family on this screen with the help of filters


Find some cuties for your loved ones and $end them on a hot date

check your matches sent by friends and family and see the status of the dates


Check your matches, approve the ones you like, and go out on your matchmaker’s tab

Dates chosen and funded by friends and family through the Omi dating app

Want to just help some friends or family find that special someone? Fund the first date through the Omi dating app today and send them on a fun night out!

Omi, your new fave dating app, is almost here

Change the way you date and save money in the process. Sign up for Omi now to be the first to get a paid date.