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Another dating app!?

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A lot of you might be thinking, do we really need another dating app? The truth is probably not BUT what are some of the problems people are facing on the currently most popular dating apps? A few big ones I keep hearing: 1. There’s a lot of talking on the app but few IRL meetups 2. People are flaking last minute. 3. The men are usually paying for the first date and they feel as though they’re wasting a lot of money. Well, let me be the first to tell you that Omi addresses these problems in a couple of ways. The same way that I psychologically believe that by joining a WeWork these people I’ll be surrounded by on a daily basis will keep me accountable, this random third party will keep you and the date accountable especially since they have money on the line. When someone else is sending you money to go on a date, they’re probably also going to check if you actually went on the date and maybe even how the date went. Just a third party’s involvement, regardless of the amount they send for the date, puts some level of accountability on the matches.

Another big discussion is all about…who pays for the first date DUN DUN DUN (if it’s a heteronormative couple). I’ve heard it all. “The man should pay, that’s just how I like it.” “We’re in modern times, we should split the check.” “I’m an independent woman, I can pay for myself.” “The person that asked the out the other person should pay.” I’m sure we’ve all heard some derivative of those so what if you didn’t have to worry about who paid on the first date anymore? Would that put pressure on who pays for the second date? What if there is no second date? First dates are honestly already pretty awkward so eliminating one awkward aspect will hopefully allow the two people on the date to focus on getting to know each other as opposed to focusing on the logistics. I’ve heard more than one female acquaintance state that there is no hope in a second date if the guy doesn’t pay. That’s their prerogative but again a third party paying will take out at least one more confounding aspect of dating.

A feature in the works is “experiences.” Your friend or family member can choose between sending you money or sending you to a restaurant, bar, arcade, mini golf, etc. of their liking. I find that when there is too much back and forth between where you’re meeting for a date, it kills the mojo a bit. People get frustrated by the indecisiveness of the other so if you’re just sent on a date, another part of the logistics are taken care of. Now, if you have a very wealthy family member or friend that cares deeply for you, we’ll also have the “Ballers” section so you can finally take that helicopter tour around your city.

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