Omi, the dating app, the blog.My name is Faryar Ghaemi and I'm originally from Iran. As you might know, a lot of Iranians and other close-knit ethnic or religious groups like to set-up couples by using their community. As I'm approaching my late 20's, my mother (and her friends) are calling up the house to see if I'm single and ready to mingle so I decided to make this a little fun for myself. I'm developing Omi, a matchmaking dating app, where my mother (and any other family member or friend for that matter) can choose the date for me, while I still make the final decision on whether or not to accept the date. The best part is that the matchmaker pays for the date (in case you needed any convincing). All of this is a recipe for entertainment so this blog is to document my solopreneur journey while dating at the same time.