Omi Waitlist


If you’d like to test the Omi dating app while it’s in beta, please add yourself to the waitlist.

Add yourself to the waitlist for this new family and friend oriented dating app. No need to use the app using Facebook or any other social media. You might think, “Why would I want to add myself to the waitlist for some dating app?” Well, you’ll be the first to use the app and there might be some free money in it! Who doesn’t like some money thrown at them??? Add yourself to this up and coming free, dating app and you’ll be grateful that auntie is now paying and finding your dates. I wrote an article all about why there is yet another dating app on the market. 1. You don’t have to swipe through so many profiles anymore. I know my mama would love to spend her double screen time (on her phone while watching TV with my dad) finding me a match. Can you imagine how happy a friend or family member would be if they knew for FACT that they’re the one that introduced you to your significant other? Now that’s a true life accomplishment. In conclusion, get on the Omi waitlist and you’ll be that much happier. Again, why refuse FREE money thrown in your face? Ok, we need other reasons to use the Omi dating app? Has a date from another dating app ever bailed or flaked last minute? Well, when there is a third party invested in the date, you won’t be dealing with that much more. Some friend or family member is now going to check in on the date. They’re gonna make sure a) they’re money went to good use and b) that the date went well.